Frequently Asked Questions

Q= What are hammocks made of ?
A= The body of the hammocks is handwoven from 100% cotton, which gives superior comfort especially in hot, humid weather. The endstrings are nylon for greater strengtht.

Q= How long will it last ?
A= With common sense care, your hammock should last for many years. They should not be left outdoors for long, especially in the rain. Cut, broken or burned cords can be repaired by knotting the ends.

Q= What is the difference size ?
A= The matrimonial size will sleep two and seat as many as you can fit into it ( 6+ ), and is ideal for indoor use as a couch, a bed, or anything else you can think of. It's great to take with you when you go camping or picnicking, for sleeping and lounging.

Q= What are the different sizes ?
A= We made a special page to answer this question (Products and Prices).

Q= Is it washable ?
A= Yes, grasp each end loop and stretch the hammock to its full lenght. Bind the end cords and body at about six inch intervals to keep them from tangling. Put into a pillow case and put into the washing machine, alone with mild detergent and cold water.

Q= How should it be hung ?
A= The preferred method requires some items of hardware. These items are : hammock thimbles and "S" - hooks and lengths of strong rope or webbing ( rock climbing rope, webbing and snap-links or carabiners are ideal - and very colorful).
Hammock thimbles can be placed to prevent breakage of loop strings- which can occur if the metal hook is in direct contact with loop strings. Suspend the hammock to hang symmetrically with both ends at the same height, using two equal lengths of rope. The hammock should sag somewhat in the center, but not so much as to be uncomfortable to lie in, or so much that its scrapes the ground when in use.

Q= How do you use it ?
A= To enter the hammock, you back up to it, pull the far side well above your head ( so that it hangs down to about chest level ), then lie back, pull in your feet and position yourself as comfortably as possible. To get out, simply lower your feet to the ground and stand up.
For sleeping, lie diagonally to the long axis. This allows you to lie flat and supports your body horizontally to the ground, with no bowing of your back as in other hammocks.

Q= Couldn't you fall out in your sleep ?
A= Not likely, The crosswise, or diagonal position in the hammock means that no matter how restless you roll or toss and turn in your sleep you will have plenty of hammock material stretching over your sides. Since these hammocks do not use spread bars, they are not tippy and will not flip you onto the ground like regular flat spread bar hammock.

Q= How do you store it ?
A= To store your hammock, grasp end loops and twist each end in opposite directions until the entire length of the hammock is twisted tightly. You can do this alone - with one loop attached to the hanger - or with a partner. When it is twisted, hold it above your head, so that it is clear of the ground and it will spin and wrap around itself like skein of knitting yarn.
You can then hang it by the end loops from one hook ( if it is indoors ) or tie with cord in a couple of places, tuck in end loops and store.