Hammocks Matrimonial Type No.14

Hammocks Matrimonial Type No.14Hammocks Matrimonial Type No.14
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Hammocks Matrimonial Type No.14

queen type hammocks handwoven mayan style
70% cotton 30% nylon OR
Nylon:Polipropilane hammock 100%
confortable and relaxing for use of 1 Person or 2 persons
matrimonial type is made with aproximately 2000 yards of cotton or nylon strings interlaced;
the hammock are extremately resistent with capacity to load 500 pounds or even more aplicable for this size.

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Available Color

Hot, Cool, 
Natural Cotton Color ( Beige )
Solid Colors

Measures and color are approximately

Hammock weight 1250 grs/ 2.71 pounds
Body length 2 meters / 6.56 ft
Body width = 1.6 mts / 5.24 ft
Hammock length = 4 meters / 13.12 ft
Weight support =250 kilograms/543 pounds



great work!

I bought a hammock from you about a year ago and it has replaced my bed as it is so comfortable. I got one recently for my dad as a gift also. It arrived only 3 days after I ordered it. I really expected to wait a week. I just wanted you to know I am very happy with my purchases and your service. Please keep up the great work!

    Leisl Trojcak

    Love these hammocks!

    We purchased these as our 'beds' when our family lived in Mexico for 10 months as it was far cheaper than buying beds and bedding for 5 people. We found them so comfortable to sleep in that over 2 years later we are living in the USA and are still sleeping in them in preference to beds. We are just now purchasing a couple of replacement hammocks but the others are still going strong. Great quality, we recommended them!

      David Robert Freitag

      Great Hammock

      So I will preface this by saying that this is my first hammock.

      So about a year ago I decided I would up and convert to sleeping in a hammock full time. I did a lot of research and everyone suggested hammocks rada for a mayan style hammock which they said was best for full time sleeping in Florida. I bought the matrimonial hammock and have to say that I have been extremely pleased with it. The build quality is absolutely fantastic. I have been sleeping in this hammock for almost exactly a year now and it is still almost like new. probably 1 or 2 of the strings have broken at this point though it is still completely sleep-able. It makes a great chair if you sit in it long ways. I will probably be buying a new one at some point soon mostly because I want something just a tad bit shorter. It will be easier to buy a shorter hammock than to re mount it to my walls. Though I would say that this one is perfectly sized for a single large man (I'm 5' 10" 198lbs) or a very let me stress very close couple. I highly recommend this hammock and would love to thank the amazing people at hammocksrada for the hard manual work they must put into making these.




        The hammock arrived today as planned in Indonesia I am happy with it thank you Geert

          Don Vought

          Recent hammock purchase

          We just received a matrimonial hammock from you early last week in record
          time. I was thrilled to have ordered it on a Friday and got it the next
          Tuesday. I've never gotten an order so fast from a US company.

          I wanted to give you a little history of why we bought this hammock that you
          might be happy to hear. In 1991 I was part of a construction mission trip
          to Yucatan that our church in PA was involved in. I spent 10 days working
          on a clinic in the heat of Cancun in one of the very poor areas. Our hosts
          suggested that locally made hammocks make great gifts and souvenirs so I
          purchased one for each of my three children. I even slept on one in the
          hotel we stayed at in Mexico since they had hammock hooks in the room. It
          was such a comfortable night of sleeping in the heat with a very bad
          sunburn. Another group from our church went the next year and I had a
          friend buy a double size for my wife and I. We have used (and abused!) it
          on our front porch for many years since. We finally had to retire it after
          16 years but really wanted another like it.

          I started searching online and found your website. I looked at the hammocks
          and thought they looked just like the ones we purchased back in 1991 so I
          ordered it. I wonder now if the ones we had before came from your company.
          We have loved them so much and look forward to taking better care of this
          one and getting many years of use out of it. Thanks to all the local
          craftsman you have making them. They do great work. Thanks again for the
          fastest order shipment I have ever received. Your company was a real
          pleasure to do business with. If we get people asking where we got our
          hammock, you can be sure we will direct them your way.

          Muchas Gracias.

            zeno malan

            mat. hammock

            the best