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Hammocks RADA

Shop, manufacturer and supplier of handwoven Hammocks

Mexican hammocks or mayan style hammocks

We are a family company with more than 40 years of experience in exporting hammocks to all parts of the world, we manufacture and sell the yarn used to weave hammocks for more than 70 years in different qualities.

We work together with more than 600 families some more than 3 generations, hammock warriors who make this beautiful art in their free time obtaining an extra income which allows us to have a quality control and reasonable price thanks to the experience and support of our Craftsmen

The hammocks are made in small towns near the capital of Yucatan in Mexico in a great variety of colors and sizes as well as qualities in yarn and warp there are in sizes small, medium, large and extra large as well as American style, chair, resistant To the sun among others.

A smaller hammock can support more than 150 times its own weight thanks to the perfection of the technique of warp used by the ancient Maya and transmitted by generations of family to family, nowadays the thread used for the hammocks can be of Nylon, cotton, polypropylene among other variations allowing a comfortable hammock, durable, beautiful, resistant.

The Mayan hammocks or Mexican hammocks are the most attractive in the world tourist level for its originality, ingenious design and diversity if you are looking to buy a hammock that your friends will envy this in the right place! 

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